Blast intricate, beautiful and detailed designs into existing concrete faster than ever before with Engrave-A-Crete's New Blast Force Systems machine Blastin' Betty

  • Engrave intricate designs into concrete fast.
  • Engrave any custom logo or design using custom, templates from Engrave-A-Crete.
  • Templates are reusable.
  • Wide rollers move easily over all surfaces.
  • Blast shot medium is reusable.
  • Blast medium is recirculated with vacuum hook-up.
  • Curved front allows for smoother and easier uptake of blast medium.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
The Blast Force System from Engrave-A-Crete allows you to quickly and simply blast very detailed designs, custom logos, intricate repetitive patterns into existing concrete to create gorgeous works of art out of previously plain and gray concrete surfaces. Finish an engraved design using our reusable templates, the Blastin' Betty machine and the reusable blast shot medium, in a matter of minutes. Jobs that used to take hours, can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time. This means less time on the job and more money in your pocket.